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Hulkin’ Around

13 Dec

Today was the interview at Disneyland. The interview went very well. The lady explained that Disney tends to pull apps prior to a peak season and put the best candidates on a waitlist. She told me to expect an email or call between January and February. She even waitlisted me for two positions: the stores and the quick-serve restaurants. She went on to tell me that I carry myself well and communicate with ease. The first part meant a lot to me because I have had a problem with portraying myself as confident for the majority of my life.

Here is the slip she gave me after the interview. The best part is: I won’t have to be interviewed again. I will receive a call or email for a job offer. Whoop! I am excited!


After the interview, the boys and I lingered around Downtown Disney. Primarily the Lego store. My son showed a big interest in the Legos. He loved the Lego models of Woody, Buzz, and RC. We both really liked the Hulk model and decided to take a Hulk pose picture. (:


In non-Disney related news, I am finally through with fall semester. I’m now thirteen units closer to my AA and have a 3.75 gpa. I am fairly proud! I cannot wait until spring semester in Feb! (Yes, I am that nerdy.)

Today was a well-deserved rest day. Yesterday, I killed my new rules stage 2A workout. I absolutely HATE front squat/push press. I love squats; it is the push press part I loathe. My ability to do push-ups and planks are slowly improving. I also blasted out my week 3 day 3 4 mile run. I woke up unable to fully walk until after my long hot shower. I will not be lifting until Sunday. Tomorrow I have a speedy 3 miler and Saturday is the day I dedicate solely to my long run, which is 7 miles this week.

Last thing, I want to recommend a protein bar. I am a fan of a couple Pure Protein products and the other day I came across another awesome one.


This bar is delicious! I leave my protein bars in the fridge and this was another great cold bar. It is 180 calories, 20g protein, 17g carbs, and 6g fat. I have found them at Target and Fresh & Easy. The bar is fairly filling too!

To summarize: y’all cross your fingers that Disney calls and calls me soon!! (Or emails…that is fine too.) (:


Daily Fit Thought #14

7 Dec


Tonight’s daily fit thought is about dreams.
Do you ever lay in bed at night and imagine the things you want to do? Do you then scoff at those dreams and tell yourself to be sensible? We all have at some point, but we should not.

What is the point of life without dreams? All of our goals develop from a dream, don’t they?

I used to dream of being able to run. I would see those people running on the sidewalk. They looked happy and free. I would gaze out at them from the passenger seat of my mom’s mini-van and later on from the driver’s seat of my first car while stopped at a red light. One day, I decided to make that dream come turn. I dusted off the treadmill in the back of the garage, hopped on it, and started running. I remember that my lungs burned before I even hit half a mile. I had a side stitch by three-fourths of a mile, and I was damn near collapsing after the first mile. Instead of giving up, my dreamed expanded: I wanted to run a 5k. My first 5k, on a treadmill, took me forty-four minutes to complete. A few months later, I ran my first 5k and I completed it in thirty-one minutes. By the end of that year, I ran a half marathon. Now, I am training to run the LA Marathon in March. I never stop dreaming. I never let fear stop my dreams from becoming bigger.

Dream, dream big.

New Shoes

5 Dec

As I stated in my last post I purchased a new pair of running shoes last Friday. I went with the Mizuno Wave Rider 16.


I know, they look like watermelons! Anyway, I decided on coughing up the extra $80 to have a pair of custom insoles. I was skeptical but the salesman at Road Runner was just a doll. (And the 30-day money back guarantee helped!)

I tried out my new babies on Monday and was not impressed. I ran 2.25 miles on the treadmill. I felt loose and not secure with the shoe.

Note: I was wearing stability shoes prior to this new pair. However, after having my feet analyzed at Road Runner and comparing it to my first analyzation, my feet have changed. I am now in need of a neutral shoe. The pronation problems I had have been corrected. I was told that I trained my feet. Which made me feel like an awesome seasoned runner. (:

Back to the story: Today, I took my babies out for a four mile run. I decided no more treadmill running. I have always disliked it anyway. Well, this run was amazing. That on and off arch and knee pain I have dealt with this year? GONE I ran so comfortably. I felt as if baby Jesus had made those shoes specifically for my feet. I ran 4.40 in 42 minutes. I was not trying to be speedy. I actually wanted to run farther but the teenagers had just gotten out of school and they hog up the sidewalk. Point is: best running shoes ever.

(but the insoles could be the big difference…..)

In other news, I am alive again. I have one paper due Saturday and one due next Saturday. Then, I am done with school until spring. Also, (and this is why i’m still up) I have an interview at Disneyland next Thursday. I know it’s a week away but I found out a few hours ago so I am excited!! I need to go to bed. I have been waking up early so I can do 20-45 minutes of yoga before my son wakes up!

yes, i am really excited….

Daily Fit Thought #13

30 Nov


The fit thought today encompasses many parts of life.

There is much more to becoming healthy than just counting calories and going for a morning jog. A huge part of being healthy is working on the inside.

Shortcuts do not get you where you really want to be. We have all been guilty of shortcuts. I have vacuumed around a table, but not under. What did it accomplish? Nothing. Sure, the floor around the table was clean but eventually the mess needs to be completely vacuumed up. That is the problem with a shortcut: diverting from the right path leads to missing some key elements that you’ll have to take care of regardless.

Working out long and hard enough has not been my issue. My issue has been dealing with emotions. Throughout my fit journey, I have tried to take shortcuts. I have tried to over-exercise to make up for the other parts of myself that I could not control. What would happen? I would become fatigued, gain some weight, lose hope, and fall back into bad habits because I never worked on all of my problems.

Take the time and work on everything going on with yourself. Shortcuts will only rob you of the ability to fully evolve into the better person you really want to be, inside and out.

Daily Fit Thought #12

28 Nov

self explanatory, right?


Very often I hear people say that to lose weight they need to workout and eat less.
Eat less?
No, not necessarily eat less. You need to eat less junk food and eat right.  Eat healthy food!
Eat clean.

Today’s daily fit thought is about eating right. Becoming healthy does not mean that you need to go to the gym for four hours five times a week. Becoming healthy, which should be the goal, is about becoming moderately active and eating right!

Skip the drive-thru, avoid the temptation of those sweets right by the cashier, and give up the cheddar and sour cream Ruffles addiction! Make sure that on a daily basis you are eating vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats.
Yes, you do need a certain amount of fat in your diet. These can come from nuts and avocados.
It really is that simple.

If you watch the quality of food you are putting in your mouth, everything else will fall into place.

Moms Cannot Do All-Nighters

16 Nov


I was all set up to be in bed by 11pm last night. What did I end up doing? Surfing the internets, texting, and watching Vampire Diaries. I want to blame this need to stay up until 3am on my sore scratchy throat. How could I go to bed when my throat was on fire? Obviously, I could not.

Disclaimer: Do not make fun of my love of Vampire Diaries. I’m not a fan of Twilight, or fluff books/shows in general. For some reason, I cannot help but love Vampire Diaries. I think it has a solid plot, well-developed characters, and decent acting. Most of all the show as this:


Are all you ladies awake now?! Haha, I know I am! ❤

Anyway, staying up late led to me eating 1/3 a bag of cheddar n’ sour cream Ruffles (because my hubs likes to bring shit food into the house) and then 3 serving sizes of tortilla chips. I like to put a drop of hot sauce on the chip and then eat it. Clearly salty goodness is my weakness. I went over 500 calories. I am not disappointed like I usually would be. I recognized that I had a small-ish dinner and I stayed up to late. The combination led to some bad choices. I know today will be better though. Even despite the lack of sleep.

My hubs woke me up when he got home from work at 4:30am. Then, I usually have incredibly strange dreams. One of those woke me up at 6am. Then, my son woke me fully up at 9am. This is why moms cannot do all-nighters. If we stay up past midnight, we pay the price.

I have to wrap up this post because there is dye on my roots and I do not want to have orange hair. (:

Daily Fit Thought #9

16 Nov



Because I am sick and my brain is only at half-capacity (see my Day 6 posting for proof) I will leave today’s daily fit thought at this:

Do not give up on yourself. Always pick yourself back up and love yourself enough to try again.