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Bye Holidays

29 Dec

I am fairly excited to be through with the holidays.
I am only a festive-ish person now because of my son.

I spent Christmas sick, but that is okay. My son was so stoked about opening presents that it did not matter if I had the sniffles or not. Something about his smiling face as he unwrapped his gifts eased my upset tummy. (:
After gifts, I watched the basketball games on ABC. This is my only real Christmas tradition. Seriously, I would not even have a tree if it was not for my son. I am just a weirdo like that.

My training is going well. I have had to run sick, in the rain, and stuffed with cranberry jello salad. I wrapped up week 5 day 6’s run today. I’m so thrilled to be injury free and running the way I was prior to the PF issues that plagued me throughout the summer. Tomorrow is my first double-digit run since July. I love 10-12 mile runs!

I am almost done with Stage 2 of New Rules of Lifting for Women. Lifting is becoming harder to fit in as my mileage increases. I just become pooped and I would rather run than lift. I love to lift but running comes first!!

Speaking of my training, I was looking ahead to January’s schedule and YIKES! Stage 3 certainly qualifies as BEAST MODE and towards the end of the month I will run FOURTEEN MILES! I know I know….14 miles is nothing if I want to run a marathon, but I have never ran more than a half (13.10) so I am scared and excited about that extra 9/10 of a mile.

Since I am obviously going to enter beast mode in 2013, I have started to focus on my eating. I have not binged in, at least, a week now. Once all the family has cleared out the first week of Jan, I have collected some recipes I want to try out. I am going to make a healthy eggplant dish, my own protein bars, and some veggie lasagna. I really want to eat as clean as possible and do a bi-monthly cheat meal.

So i’m alive and haven’t quit my blog. I was just sick and wrapped up in all that is Christmas.
How was y’alls holiday? Get an amazing presents?? (:


Slip-On Sneakers at the Gym

28 Nov

I’d apply at that place!

After a weekend of not running or going to the gym, my workout today (technically yesterday) was very needed.

I am reaching the end of Stage 1 of New Rules of Lifting for Women. I will be sad to go on to Stage 2. I am currently OBSESSED with back squats. I may just add those into the workout somehow. Anyway, here was my workout today.

Back squats: 1×8 @ 115lbs, 2×8 @ 125lbs
Push Ups: 3×8 on an aerobic step with 1 pair of risers
Dumbbell Bent Over Rows: 3×8 @ 25lbs
Step Ups: 3×8 on an aerobic step with 3 pairs of risers w/ 22.5lbs (per dumbbell)
Prone Jackknife: 1×10, 2×12

Cardio was weird today. I love to run. I spent all of my childhood hating running. I dreaded the mile in gym. I always got side stitches and my legs felt like lead. Last year, something changed inside me. I slowly started running and now I love it. I am psycho about trying to protect my knees though. I have only one pair of shoes right now and they are a pair of blue slip-on sneakers. I picked them up at Target one day for twelve bucks. These are not the type of shoes I would run in. I felt like a dork in the gym today. I kept looking down at my feet wondering if I looked like a super gymrat because nothing stops me from working out or if I looked like a fitness nOOb who doesn’t even get the right shoes to workout in. Either way, I did what I needed to do! I decided to do twenty minutes on the stairclimber and then do half an hour on the elliptical. I worked up a nice sweat.

One thing I did notice at the gym today was that I could not keep my eyes off of myself. My confidence is raising. I see a strong sexy lady when I look in the gym mirrors now. I no longer see a girl that always felt physically weak. I see a woman with a barbell across her shoulders squatting ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE POUNDS! I have made such a giant transformation. Today, it was hard to stop looking and myself with pride. I hate to go on about myself like that, but it is a big deal for me. I’m sure i’ll divulge into that more later.

In other news, we have a cute little Minnie Mouse themed Christmas tree up. We decided to be those people this year, haha. A tree up before it is even December. It is hard not to be excited when you have an thirty-four month old bouncing around with a smile on his face constantly babbling about Christmas. I am more excited about December 14th though. Fall semester will be over!!

I will try to catch up on blog reading (and posting) but I am now in finals week so…..anything that does not involve my son, school, or working out…..EEEEK….do not know if I will have time!

In the spirit of finals (and trying not to stress myself out about if I am or am not getting straight As):

Mmmm……I believe in you too ;p

Can’t Steal My Spirit

25 Nov

After a very long weekend, I am feeling much better. I have a game plan and spirit. Those are two things people cannot steal.

I want to thank y’all for being great followers. The sympathy I have received the past few days has made me feel so loved. It has helped me cope with not being able to run for a full week.

I did binge yesterday. I watched television and ate. The good part was finally seeing Magic Mike. That movie immediately became a favorite. I think pieces of pumpkin pie fell out of my mouth as my jaw dropped during Channing Tatum’s stripping scenes. Haha.

Anyway, today I woke up with my head on right. I will be replacing all of my running gear this friday. I will start hitting the gym again Tuesday to lift, use the Arc trainer and climb those endless black stairs. Tuesday also starts finals! My partners in health class have not gotten back to me about our group project. I loathe group projects. I will not do all of the work. I have sent 2 pms and 3 emails and no response. They have until the 30th to respond, otherwise I am doing the whole project and turning it in with only my name on it. (Yes, I am that kind of person.) Besides health, I have two giant projects for Film and Lit. One of the projects is broken down into three spreadsheets and two papers on Othello v. Othello (1995…or 1994 film). The other one is the usual exam.

I am determined to not let the stress of finals get to me. I will finish Stage 1 of New Rules this week (or the start of next week) and I will resume running again Saturday. I am doing a lot of modifications to the way I eat this week.

I am not eating anything from a restaurant or fast food place for a week. I am also cutting my calories from 1700 to 1500, only for this week. I also am trying to stick to a more clean approach. I will not have any diet soda this week or any of the pre-made meals I love from Fresh and Easy. I want to see what one week of being extremely strict does for my body.

Time for bed. I cannot wait to beast it this week! (:
I also cannot wait to take my son to Disneyland one last time this year. I decided not to renew my annual pass just yet and they expire on Wednesday. I love his excitement and smiles when we go to DL. He’ll be a happy boy which will only make this coming week better!

Gym Rant: The Squat Rack Dudes

20 Nov

Because doing homework and being caught up for the holiday break is for lame people, I have decided to procrastinate and blog about my current pet peeve: the squat rack users at the gym.

I just found the perfect meme to start this rant off. Internet score.

This was me earlier at the gym. Seriously.

I have had a gym membership now for about a month. I love my new gym. The 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport I go to has three squat racks. Now, as a girl who likes to lift weights I need the squat rack. I have a heavy amount of weight I am squatting, lunging, deadlifting, blahblah-ing, but I cannot lift it over my head. I love the ability to duck under the bar, get situated, and pump some iron.

Since I have had this membership, I seem to go around the same time every day. I am a 12:30-3:30 frequenter of the gym and so are the world’s most annoying weight room men. The same five guys seem to be in the weight room with me when I am lifting and they have the worst freaking habits in the world. (These habits concern the squat rack. All of the terrible habits seem to revolve around the squat rack.)

The first most annoying thing these dudes do at the gym is placing their towels on machines that they are not using. I get that the squat rack is important. I love to use it myself, but if you are done or moving on to another machine for a bit REMOVE YOUR TOWEL SO I CAN WORKOUT! I am very methodical when I am in the gym. I group all my workouts according to areas. I do the squat rack needed moves first (because it is a busy machine), then I go to the free weights area to finish up whatever is floor work/dumbbell work. I have a plan. I have a method. It makes sense. This leads into my second issue.

You cannot use two or three bars on your ONE squat rack. Today, when I was at the gym, I spotted an open squat rack. I raced over with a smile upon my face. How lucky was I? A squat rack open and waiting for me. As fast as my smile appeared, it disappeared when I realized that there was no bar on the rack. Confusion racked my brain. I scan the gym for the bar that I so desperately needed. Quickly I spot the bar I need on the rack next to me. This dude had three bars on the squat rack he was using. He had a monopoly on all of the squat rack bars. Apparently, he was the only person in the whole gym that used bars when he worked out. Worst part of it, HE WAS NOT EVEN USING THE SQUAT RACK OR ANY OF THE BARS! Needless to say, I walked up to the machine he was working on and told him to give me one of his bars.

My final pet peeve with these dudes is how they are constantly trying to “help” me. This may not completely be about the squat rack, but it is annoying nonetheless. Almost every time I start to place weights on my bar, one of the dudes come up to me and ask me if I need help. “Hey, that looks heavy….do you need some help?” Clearly. Y’all have seen me here how many days now and you still believe I need your help? Take a cold shower and piss off. K?Thnx(:

Good thing I am not lifting tomorrow. Haha.

Do y’all have any gym pet peeves?