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Bye Holidays

29 Dec

I am fairly excited to be through with the holidays.
I am only a festive-ish person now because of my son.

I spent Christmas sick, but that is okay. My son was so stoked about opening presents that it did not matter if I had the sniffles or not. Something about his smiling face as he unwrapped his gifts eased my upset tummy. (:
After gifts, I watched the basketball games on ABC. This is my only real Christmas tradition. Seriously, I would not even have a tree if it was not for my son. I am just a weirdo like that.

My training is going well. I have had to run sick, in the rain, and stuffed with cranberry jello salad. I wrapped up week 5 day 6’s run today. I’m so thrilled to be injury free and running the way I was prior to the PF issues that plagued me throughout the summer. Tomorrow is my first double-digit run since July. I love 10-12 mile runs!

I am almost done with Stage 2 of New Rules of Lifting for Women. Lifting is becoming harder to fit in as my mileage increases. I just become pooped and I would rather run than lift. I love to lift but running comes first!!

Speaking of my training, I was looking ahead to January’s schedule and YIKES! Stage 3 certainly qualifies as BEAST MODE and towards the end of the month I will run FOURTEEN MILES! I know I know….14 miles is nothing if I want to run a marathon, but I have never ran more than a half (13.10) so I am scared and excited about that extra 9/10 of a mile.

Since I am obviously going to enter beast mode in 2013, I have started to focus on my eating. I have not binged in, at least, a week now. Once all the family has cleared out the first week of Jan, I have collected some recipes I want to try out. I am going to make a healthy eggplant dish, my own protein bars, and some veggie lasagna. I really want to eat as clean as possible and do a bi-monthly cheat meal.

So i’m alive and haven’t quit my blog. I was just sick and wrapped up in all that is Christmas.
How was y’alls holiday? Get an amazing presents?? (:


Thanksgiving Breakdown

23 Nov

And also you Chuck.

I spent almost a week stressing out about Thanksgiving. I imagined my hubs and grandmother not getting along. I imagined 5,000 calories worth of food going down my throat and expanding my stomach. I imagined crying and wishing that Thanksgiving had never became a holiday.

As usual, my worrying was for nothing. My grandmother cooked a delicious meal. There was a lot more butter going on than I would have preferred,  but it was not as bad as I thought.

My grandmother was channeling her inner Paula Deen yesterday.

Since I know it is so easy for me to make a day of overeating become a week of overeating, I kept an eye on myself yesterday. I tried to fill up on turkey, green beans (she did not add the bacon, yay!), and cranberry salad. I did eat a tiny portion of the candied yams and mashed potatoes and gravy. I did not want my grandmother to feel bad, even if our previously discussed meal plan was ignored. I even indulged in a pie of homemade apple pie and a piece of pumpkin pie.

I had more room for pie because I did do my training run yesterday. I ran 4.15 miles on the streets. I really hold myself back on the treadmill. I run a steady 10:20 pace on the streets, while I stay between 10:45-11:10 on the treadmill. I have always been one to focus on my distance, not my speed. I also do not want to push myself to run to fast and then suffer an injury. I like to be careful.

I finally discovered why I have felt so sick. I am suffering from a killer sinus infection. But it is not stopping me from my training!

Hope y’all had a great turkey day!

Daily Fit Thought #11

21 Nov

Today’s daily fit thought is being typed out with tomorrow in mind. I know that I am stressing about a table full of bad decisions, refined carbs, unhealthy fats, and too much sugar. I have been internally stressing about the amount of “no more thank you”s and “i already had some and could not possibly eat anymore”s that I will have to politely fling out at my family.

Thing is: IT IS ONE DAY. One meal consumed during a single day. One meal will not make or break a string of very good decisions.

I am not saying shove a whole pumpkin pie down you throat, throw up your hands, and scream, “YOLO”. What I am saying (typing? you get it!) is that a little stuffing, gravy, yams, rolls, turkey, and a piece of pie will not ruin what you have been working on. As long as the next day you are back on track.

Try not to worry when you look at that full Thanksgiving dinner table. Do not make your family feel bad for the food they cooked. Do not make yourself feel bad for eating some of that lovingly cooked food. You will be alright. It really is just one day.

Learning to Modify

21 Nov

I took a rest day today. Hubs is having some issues and I decided to take him out today. I know he has been so exhausted working overnight shifts the past month, so I was hoping a little day date would cheer him up.

We went to a hamburger restaurant that he really likes, Red Robin. Usually when I go there I kick the idea of healthy eating out of my mind. I slide in that plastic booth and prepare to eat my heart out. However, since I was rocking my size 10 skinny jeans (with no muffin top at all!!), I decided that I should maybe try that modification thing I hear so many talk about.

Yep, that is about 700 calories of pure fat and refined carbs, YUM.

Instead of getting my usual chicken sandwich, I made it a healthier version of what is pictured above. I took of the bun in substitute of a lettuce wrap, cut out the mayo, and said no cheese please. Taking off those three items made a calorie splurge into a decent choice. The sandwich became 330 calories, 10g of fat, 25g of carbs, and 32g of protein. I topped that off with a side salad, hold the dressing, and I had one decent meal. I really need to learn how to modify more. The sandwich was still awesome tasting and I did not have to feel guilty after eating it. Haha.

Speaking of worrying, I am worried about tomorrow’s Thanksgiving dinner. I spoke to my grandmother about modifying some of the side dishes and such so it would not be such a blow to my efforts. I like sweet potatoes, so let’s do that instead of candied yams. How about just cranberry slices instead of the cranberry salad? How about making a healthier homemade pumpkin pie instead of buying a giant one at Costco? How about wheat rolls (or preferably no rolls at all) instead of white rolls? She agree a month ago to all of this. Then, last night she came home with 4 packs of white rolls, 2 bags of marshmallows, and a humongous pumpkin pie from Costco. This really disappoints me. I am very anal about what my son eats, my hubs will not eat anything other than the turkey anyway (because he is picky), and she just picks at food. This leaves a load of leftovers for who? Oh yeah, me. Not thrilled at all……I have decided not to help her cook. These are not the meals we agreed to. These are not the items I agree to cooking. If she initially had a problem with the meal plan I had discussed, it would have been nice of her to say so. Oh well, I will figure something out. I did give myself a rest day today and will be working out for 2-3 hours tomorrow. I have double training so….that should keep me away from all that terrible food for a while.

I know that sounds like ED in full swing. I just have had a hard time maintaining control this year and I do not want to slip up. Like my new challenge said, I am going to love myself and respect my needs. I do not want marshmallows and I have a right to not eat them.
I’m sorry if I sound whiny and spoiled. Lately, I have just felt a lack of support at home and it is really getting to me. I hope my readers in America have a great Holiday and for my readers not in the states have a great day too. (:

Breakfast Believer

14 Nov

For many years I would scoff when people would tell me how breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Can you get a Big Mac at 9am? NO! Why would I want breakfast then?

Since I started this lifestyle change, I decided to start trying this breakfast thing. At first, it was only a piece of whole wheat toast. Slowly, I made my way up to a big hearty protein shake. Then, I went back down to coffee with protein powder in it.

I noticed that if I had breakfast at 9am, I would be starved again by 11am because I was not eating enough. In the back of my head, I realized that I have been worried about consuming too many calories before my day really starts. The stupid part is that this way of thinking can lead me to a bingeing session for lunch or dinner.

My solution is to not listen to that little evil “ED” voice in the back of my head. This week I experimented with having 350-500 calories for breakfast. I feel great. I have a piece or two of fruit, a piece of whole wheat bread, one egg, and my coffee protein shake. I feel full and am able to make it through all my morning routines before I go to the gym.  Also, the big calories at breakfast have not led to me going over calories or massively overeating. I had 3 meals, a snack, and a desert last night. I stayed in my nice 1750 calorie range.

My eyes have been opened. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. I am a believer in the importance of breakfast.


Early Morning Blues

9 Nov


Hubby decided that 4am was the perfect time to throw a fit.
(Quick background on hubby: he is unhealthy, out of shape, and has a big temper problem; he claims temper is shaped by his bad healthy…..right…)

I usually stay up to let my husband in the house because I try to be an overly accommodating wife. For once, I fell asleep before he made it home. (In my defense, sometimes he is 1/2 an hour to a couple hours late without warning so staying up can prove difficult.) Instead of knocking on the door or calling the house phone, he continuously calls my cell which everyone knows I keep on silent. My grandmother, whom we are temporarily staying with, could have answered the door IF HE HAD KNOCKED JUST ONCE. Nope, he preferred running back to his mommy’s house and sending me a long rude text.


This type of thing triggers me. I will not eat my feelings tomorrow. Maybe i’ll try to talk about them. I know right now I am sad, angry, and frustrated. Sad that it takes so little for him to run off. Angry that I could not just stay up, and frustrated because he could have knocked.

I am going to try to keep reminding myself that I am worth the effort. I am worth the healthy meals and fitness.