Are You There Sandman?

18 Nov

A long day of reading, watching films for school, and consuming coffee has led to me being up at four in the morning.
I read 1/3 of Fast Food Nation, watched the film fictionally based off of the same book, and watched Food Inc. for my film and lit class.
I officially never want to eat fast food, processed foods, or meat ever again. Some parts of both films made my stomach churn a little.

I was sad to skip the gym today, but school comes first. (Well second to my son, of course.) I spent three hours in the library. I will do my first long run and lift tomorrow, or should I say later today? Haha.

Sorry I skipped yesterday and today’s fit thought. I will be done with fall semester the second week of and December. I am hoping that I can shove in as much coursework as possible every day this coming week so I can be done with these classes early. Then, I will be on break until mid-February!

Hope y’all had a great day. Hopefully with less school work than I had.


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