Practically Dying: Day 6

15 Nov

I woke up dying thanks to my allergies. When I wake up with a hacking up mucus and suffering from a sore throat and a man voice all day, I am especially thankful to my mother’s side of the family. NOT.

I ended up getting out of bed at 10am and then, because I am a good girl, I got started on homework. (We are watching Fast Food Nation and Food Inc, which I hope helps me with my fast food addiction.) By noon, I was beginning to feel like a fully functional human again. What did that mean? I headed to the gym and decided to beast it.

My workout today:

Deadlifts 3×10 @ 100lbs
Dumbbell Should Press 1×8 & 2×7 @ 20lbs
Lat PullDown 2×10 @ 72lbs 1×7 @ 86lbs
Split Leg Lunge 3×10 @ 95lbs
Reverse Crunch 3×10

My marathon week 1 day 5 training run was a 3 mile and I ran 3.65 miles in 42 minutes.

I have been prolonging everything else since I got home for the gym. I still have a head of broccoli and a bowl of zucchini to eat. I also have to watch the new Vampire Diaries.

Tomorrow will be a family day. I will not be going to the gym. We are going to the LA Zoo and Griffith Observatory. I am excited for my son to go to those two places. He loves animals so I am sure he will flip out when he sees animals he has never seen before! (:
I am going to make the best food choices I can and I will be avoiding fast food!

Hope y’all all had a great day.


One Response to “Practically Dying: Day 6”

  1. fitnessaficionada November 16, 2012 at 7:19 am #

    Nice job on your workout! You’ve inspired me to try bumping up the weight on my military presses — I’ve been stuck at 15 lbs for awhile now and then dropping the weight down to do more (drop set), but I think it’s time to move on to the 17.5s, even if that means I can do less reps at first. Hope you have a fun day with your family! I’m getting excited for Thanksgiving break; I will get to see my hubby all day every day, plus we’re visiting my family for the week.

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