Daily Fit Thought #8

14 Nov


The daily fit thought today is about setting realistic goals. For most people, especially those with “ED”s, setting unrealistic goals can eventually lead to the destruction of any good eating/training plan.

I got down to the high 160 range during the late summer/early fall of last year. I did this through a combination of spending 2-3 hours in the gym 5-7x a week, eating 1,200 calories a day (without taking into effect all that I was burning), and training for a half marathon. When I look back on those 3-4 months it was a blur of cardio. I would do my run for my training, then go to the gym and hop on the stairclimber for 30-60 minutes, and then get on the elliptical for 30-60 minutes, and then I would do a mile or two of speed work on the treadmill. WTF? How did I not die from exhaustion? Looking back, I do not remember “feeling tired” but I do remember always thinking about burning calories. I was constantly worried about getting in a workout and it seemed like cardio of any form became my entire life. Sure, I was becoming pretty freaking skinny (I am about 5’9″), but I was working out like an animal to keep up with unrealistic goals. I wanted to lose 10-15 pounds EVERY month. I woke up every day and my mood for the day balanced on what the scale said. NOT HEALTHY.

I ended up gaining some weight back. I did not get back up to 280, but I was at 225 again. I was a sad girl for a while. I felt like a loser. Then, it hit me. I could not keep up with that obscene amount of cardio every single day. This led to a slight weight gain of under 20 pounds. Add some emotional turmoil that triggered my binge eating and I was fat again. Ultimately, I had built a weak foundation. The first minor storm to hit me ended up making me crumble.

I have been on my revamped fitness journey for 170ish days now. I spent a lot of time, earlier this year, thinking about what worked for me and what did not. The biggest lesson that has stuck out is what today’s daily fit thought is about.

Do not set unrealistic goals. You cannot keep up with them forever. We all want to wake up fit tomorrow but that will not happen. If you rush this lifestyle change by setting unrealistic goals, then you will never be able to reach the real goal: changing your lifestyle to one that is moderately active and full of healthy eating habits.


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