Day 4

13 Nov

Today was started slow, hit a snag, and then ended quite alright. I woke up incredibly sore and was not grooving on that. Usually I like being sore because I chalk that up to my workouts being tough, but this morning it did not flow well with me. I could not get started quick enough and ended up in front of the computer longer than I had wanted. By the time I dressed and was headed out the door to go to the gym, I realized I did not have my son’s car seat. FAIL. I ended up bus back in, making the agreement with hubs that I would do an hour of schoolwork and then go outside to beast through my four miles. Somehow, I ended up in a fight with hubs. So no run….which did not bother me too much because I have a bruise on the top of my left foot and it is actually a bit painful to run at the moment. Tomorrow, however, I will be hitting the gym. I already looked over my training log and it was perfectly okay to make today a rest day.

Anyway, the big fight with hubs is what made me want to eat shitty. I started screaming and throwing stuff and getting emotional about…well I do not even remember now. I have been so stressed out lately. I just took out all of my frustration out on him since I have not been gorging on food. I know that is not smart, but he never seems interested anymore. He is like a zombie roommate. It is hard. Point is: I need to develop better communication and coping skills.

Oh, the other point is: I wanted to binge eat on In-N-Out but I resisted. I did have a bowl of ice cream to reward myself for not bingeing though. I need a little something here and there so I do not go nuts and eat everything in the house. But I do hope that one day I can even cut out some of the unnecessary treats.

I did the rest of my homework. I am ahead of the game. I can do some reading and maybe go to bed before 2am. I am thinking that today was NOT a fail. YAY!


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