Day 2

12 Nov

Day two without fast food. I am feeling great. I did not even think about overeating or picking up some junk food.

It was a great day at the gym. Another workout No-Xplode free. I did 95lbs on the split leg lunges. I need to work on getting a little bit lower though. My form was complimented again today. The guys around the squat racks are always telling me how more chicks need to do what i’m doing. *Blush* Why thank ya. I like to think i’m a strong gal. (:

Today was a rest day for my marathon training. I decided to just do a little 1.55 mile jog. I do not like taking a break from running when i’m in training mode, but I do understand the need to have a day off. I did 2.50 miles on that arc trainer thing. I feel weird when i’m on it, like a lady on the moon. Also, I forgot how terribly good the stair climber hurts. 15 minutes of intervals on that and I was panting. This guy kept eyeballing me. I know I was a mess at the gym today. Just means I am one day closer to my dream body! 😀

With all those calories burned, I had some amazing grub today. I love high cal burn days because that is my lots of meals day. A bowl of tuna, spinach, and a 100 calorie Wholly guac mash-up is what I have been grooving on lately. MMMMM.

Hope y’all had a killer day too.
Fit thought will be posted later!! (:


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