Day 1

11 Nov

Day one with no fast food was not bad at all. I was so incredibly stuffed from the past couple days that I had some trouble eating today. My net is lower than I would like it to be, but I did get 100 grams of protein. I try to, even on  bad days, get enough protein to get me through my new rules workouts.

I hit the gym hard today! First day of marathon training was a nice 3 mile run; I did a 3.50 mile run. My new rules workout was awesome. I am one set of aerobic steps away from doing push-ups on the ground. I cannot believe how much new rules has helped me get better at push-ups. The prone jackknives were shaky. The first set of 10 I did flawlessly, but the second set was gross. I fell off after doing three. A four day vacation did nothing to help my core strength. Haha. I have to remember that next time I have the urge to be bad.

Overall, today was a decent and healthy day. I am ready to kick some ass tomorrow!!


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