Insomnia #2

10 Nov

I figured I will number these post as a lack of sleep seems to be a constant in my life.
I fought with hub tonight. Two fights in one day? I’m on edge thanks to all that shitty food I have been inhaling lately. Add that to his temper and that is a recipe for disaster. Also, the wind is playing tricks on my mind. It blew the gate door open and now i’m convinced a creeper is outside my window right now waiting for me to fall asleep. (The insanity inside my mind….well you cannot even begin to fathom how bad it is.)

With my late night free time, I decided to check out my training log. I haven’t worked out since Tuesday. This makes me quite sad, but I will start fresh tomorrow. As my early post pressed upon, I will not let this four day slip-up become a four month slip-up. I have a nasty habit of letting things snowball, but not this time.

I have already carved out a slice of tomorrow for the gym. I will be restarting New Rules of Lifting for Women and officially starting my marathon training. I had been running again for two weeks but it was just to test out how my left foot is doing. A few months back I suffered from some arch issues in my left foot. I’m happy to say I ran 27-37 (I cannot fully remember) miles without any complications.

I also decided today that I would start lifting without the aide of No-Xplode. I love that stuff dearly but now that I am not working I do not have the funds to drop $45-70 on a tub of it every other month. (In addition to my vitamins, the gym membership, and the two protein powders I always have to have.) I’m nervous that maybe I won’t be lifting quite as heavy…but then again what can a scoop and a half of that really make me do that I cannot do on my own?!

I should try to go to bed now. I do not want to have to 0.d. on coffee tomorrow to be alter enough for my workout.


2 Responses to “Insomnia #2”

  1. mimigettingfit November 11, 2012 at 6:32 pm #

    I was just looking at the New Rules of Lifting today! I want to start that soon. Thanks for stopping by my blog – I’m glad I got to discover yours!

    • runnerheather November 11, 2012 at 8:55 pm #

      New Rules is freaking amazing!! I did the first four stages and then had a bout of cellulitis. I am now halfway through stage 1 and I just could not love it more!!

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