Daily Fit Thought #4

10 Nov


To some of you this may not seem “fitness” related, but to those of us who suffer (or have suffered) from an eating disorder this rings true. The first time I eat a little more than I should I think about quitting. I think about the girl I was in the past. I think about the 3,000-5,000 calories I would consume a day. I would think about the days spent in bed. Then, I would feel embarrassed for even thinking I could become someone improved. I would feel helpless and stupid. I would let the fear of failing, the familiarity of the past, and the suffocating nature of stress take my dreams away from me.
So now I see I must let go. I will make mistakes. I will fall. I will have roadblocks, but if I let those feelings and fears go I can achieve anything.

The past should stay in the past. Do not let the past dominate your present or your future. If you could not do something before, all that means is you need to try harder now!


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