Challenge #1

9 Nov

People seem to thrive better when they have challenges.
The past couple of days I can feel my resolve weakening. It is so easy around the holidays to lose grip of your health and let all those yummy foods take over. I really do not want to binge and put on weight like I did last holiday season.

Insert my first challenge.
I am going to go fast food free for THIRTY DAYS!

One of my biggest weaknesses has always been the quick and easy nature of the fast food restaurant  I know those places only serve fatty empty calorie items. I can’t build muscles of properly train for a marathon if i’m consuming that kind of crap.

I’m hoping to see a big improvement in my energy levels and in my workouts.
Anyone care to join me?


2 Responses to “Challenge #1”

  1. tempestnmind November 9, 2012 at 12:39 pm #

    ME! I’ll do it! Thanks for the challenge.

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