Daily Fit Thought #2

8 Nov


Usually in life people cannot see the bigger picture. We spend our days lamenting over small details that will cease to matter months later. However, when it comes to fitness people only see the big picture.
A couple trips to the gym and a week worth of better meal choices does not equal a dream body. Most people get discouraged after two to four weeks when they do not wake up magically fit, lean, and/or skinny.
This is where we need to use those detail-obsessing skills. True, a month of going to the gym does not fully make-over your body. What we do not realize is that month DID make a difference.
A mile ran is a mile ran regardless of where you start running. As a month of hard work did make some changes to your body. If you keep it up and remain motivated then the body you want will be yours.
Every time you resist a binge, every time you run a little further, every time you put your health first, you are one step closer to everything you’ve been dreaming of.


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